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Experts Say This is the best time When to eat eggs to lose weight

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Written by Martin M. Haupt

According to many nutritionists and diet specialists, the diet rebalancing phase requires a focus on certain foods in particular. Indeed, proteins occupy a place of choice in the diet during a diet. And for good reason! They have many virtues that are very useful for weight loss. Among many others, there is a food that stands out for being a qualitative source of protein: the egg. Estimates show that one large egg contains nearly 6 grams of protein.   

Do eggs really make you lose weight?

Scientists have consistently demonstrated the benefits of protein in weight loss. Indeed, the first benefit is to promote the feeling of satiety. Eating eggs helps to satiate the body in a more lasting way thanks to the proteins they contain. As a result, the desire to snack decreases considerably, as does the storage of fat.

The second benefit of eating eggs is at the level of basic metabolism. Protein speeds up the metabolism and therefore increases the number of calories burned by the body when it is at rest. According to scientific studies, following a high protein diet based on the consumption of eggs can increase basal metabolism by eliminating up to 100 more calories per day.

Moreover, to further promote the benefits of the proteins contained in eggs, nutrition specialists recommend specific times for their consumption. 

Strategic times to consume eggs and optimize their slimming effects especially to lose weight

As a pure and qualitative source of protein, eggs can be found in various well-known diets. Maximizing their slimming benefits for weight loss requires consuming them at particular times, called strategic times, of the day.


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