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Slimming drink: the better and ideal fat-burning fruit to lose weight

Slimming drink: the ideal fat-burning
Written by Martin M. Haupt

Still unknown, the alma is an exotic fruit from Asia that has many virtues for our health, but also our line! Let’s take a look at this fat-burning fruit to be consumed to lose belly.

If eating fruits and vegetables at every meal is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the body and stay healthy, some fruits would even be slimming allies …

The apple, for example, considered as a natural appetite suppressant, will reduce the production of insulin, the lemon will help regulate blood sugar levels, while the avocado (yes, it is a fruit!) will promote the elimination of fat mass.

But there is a fruit that is little talked about, and yet would be an excellent fat burner: the amla.

The amla, a fat-burning fruit to consume to keep the line

Perhaps this name does not tell you anything, but the amla, which means “nurse” in Sanskrit, and which is nicknamed “Indian gooseberry”, is a fruit widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Not surprising, since this small fruit grows on trees in India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka…

Particularly rich in vitamin C (in 100 grams of fresh pulp, there is an average of 720 mg of vitamin C, 20 times more than in a portion of orange!), it is known to be a powerful regenerating.

This fruit, rich in antioxidants, boosts the immune system, stimulates the libido, acts as an anti-inflammatory on the body, and protects it from viral, fungal, or bacterial infections, as Fabien Correch, Ayurveda practitioner and author of Ma bible de l’Ayurvéda (Éditions Leduc), explained to us.

But its properties do not stop there, since amla would also be an ally for people who seek to lose weight. At different levels, regular consumption of amla would indeed help to slim down:

  • Rich in pectin, a soluble fiber, it would increase the feeling of satiety, and would therefore act as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Like lemon, it would help regulate blood sugar levels and thus avoid major fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which often lead to cravings for snacks and sugar…
  • Several studies published in the National Library of Medicine, have revealed that this fruit significantly improves the functioning of the liver, has a positive effect on the body mass index (BMI) and reduces abdominal fat …

All these properties make it an excellent fruit to accompany weight loss!

Note that this fruit is also often used in cosmetics, to take care of devitalized hair or slow down hair loss, or in skincare, to revive the complexion and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Alma: how to consume this slimming fruit?

You can find amla in different forms, especially in organic stores.

Food supplements, powder to be mixed to obtain a paste or a cataplasm, oil to season or eaten as is, to take advantage of the benefits of this small green fruit, you have plenty of choices!

But to take advantage of its appetite suppressant effect, and its fat-burning action, the best way to consume it is to taste it fresh, or in the form of detox juice. It is therefore slipped into the preparations of homemade juices, which help to eliminate and drain the body, with lemon, ginger, or apple for example.

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