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List of 10 fruits least caloric that helps the most to burn fat quickly

burn fat quickly
Written by Martin M. Haupt

Top 10 least caloric fruits that can triple your weight loss!

Fruit is very good for your health especially to burn fat build muscle. What fruits should you eat to keep your figure? Here are our top 10 least caloric fruits, in value per 100 g.

1 – Cranberry, 25 calories



These little red balls are perfect in a sweet and sour dish to burn fat build muscle. The fresh cranberry has the advantage of containing few carbohydrates but lots of calcium. Its proteins will allow your body to regenerate well. As a plant antibiotic, it also helps reduce inflammation, especially intestinal inflammation.

2 – Melon, 31 calories



The favorite fruit of summer, it contains a lot of water, which is very useful in hot weather. It contains carotene and vitamin C, which keep you in top shape. Melon also helps your body fight against high blood pressure and water retention.


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