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The magic spice that can triple your weight loss!

Written by Martin M. Haupt

The magic spice that can triple your weight loss!

You have certainly cooked cumin without suspecting for a moment that this spice has weight loss benefits. However, a study has proven the effectiveness of cumin in weight loss during a diet. Are you curious to know more? We explain to you everything about this spice that makes you lose weight and how to consume it to benefit from its slimming virtues.

Cumin promotes weight loss

It is scientifically proven! The University of Medical Sciences in Iran conducted a study in 2014 showing the effect of cumin on weight loss. In this clinical trial, 88 overweight women were divided into two groups. The experimental group was given 3 grams (the equivalent of one teaspoon) of cumin powder mixed with yogurt, all taken over two meals during the day. The control group received the same amount of yogurt, without cumin. Both groups received nutritional advice and a low-calorie diet, i.e., 500 fewer calories than the recommended daily requirement.

After 3 months, it was shown that the cumin group lost 6.20 kg compared to 4.19 kg for the control group. The women, who received the spice, lost 2 kilos more compared to those who did not receive it.

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Up to three times less body fat!

The percentage of fat mass in the cumin group decreased by 14.64% while that of the control group decreased by 4.91%. The women who consumed cumin, therefore, had a loss of body fat three times greater than the women in the other group.

In addition to these results, a blood test revealed a decrease in fasting cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (Low-Density Protein), and an increase in HDL (High-Density Protein).

It is important to know that triglycerides and LDL are harmful to your body because they increase the formation of blood clots and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Lowering their levels helps reduce the health risks associated with high cholesterol. Conversely, HDL is considered the good cholesterol and its increase is good news. It helps keep arteries clean and protects against heart disease. In short, cumin is good for everything!

How to integrate cumin in your diet to lose weight?

Simply by incorporating cumin into your regular cooking.

You don’t have to eat a teaspoon of cumin with yogurt, as was done in the study. Chances are, the taste will not be there. Cumin is a delicious spice that has its place in the diet and can be cooked in different ways:

  • Cumin goes very well with red and white meats, whether for marinades or for dishes in sauce. Cumin is a marvel of flavor in tagines and chili con carne, to name a few. Contrary to what one might think, these dishes are not so high in calories and they provide a fair amount of vegetables, starches, and animal proteins.
  • Cumin is a great addition to soups and soups with an oriental or Indian touch. Prefer the powdered form which will be better diluted in your preparation.
  • Cumin can be mixed with grilled vegetables and incorporated into savory cakes.
  • For those who like dairy products, sprinkle some cumin seeds on hard cheese such as comt√©, Emmental, or gouda. These cheeses will provide you with calcium, in addition to the slimming benefits of cumin.
  • Not to mention all the specialties with this amazing spice (falafels, hummus, dips, yogurt sauces…). A real treat!

The slimming infusion, another way to consume cumin

In a saucepan, pour 250 ml of water and a teaspoon of cumin seeds. Bring to a boil. Turn off the heat, cover, and let stand for five to ten minutes. Strain before drinking. If the taste is too strong, reduce the number of seeds or add honey.

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